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Jazz Age Cthulhu

Jazz Age Cthulhu is about to hit the pavement both in pulpy flesh editions and effervescent e-format. It’s an honor to be in this work with Orrin Grey  and Jennifer Brozek. My piece, Pomptinia Sum, is set on the Italian island of Pomptinia where the encroaching fascism hasn’t found a foothold.  A conman without a past finds the the tourist island ripe for the picking, but  as he charms and steals from the wealthy foreigners he discovers no one on the island is what they seem, not even himself.

A Barbarian Reads Greek

Here I attempt to read the Iliad in Greek without any training in the language. (Okay, I know the alphabet.) I read Latin and Norwegian. Swedish and Danish come for free with Norwegian–Bonus! I once could read a smattering of other languages–I’m looking at you Anglo Saxon, Old Norse, and German. The goal is to see if I can work through Iliad I on my own without studying Greek first, just by looking things up as I go.

The Tools: 1) Perseus  2) Attikos for Ipad 3) Iliad book1 Notes and Vocabulary by P.A. Draper 4) for reference:  Beetham’s Beginning Greek with Homer and Paula Debnar’s excellent edition of Pharr’s Homeric Greek-a book for beginners  4) Input from the educated hoipolloi 5) If I must–a translation.

The Greek text will be  from Attikos and Perseus, unless otherwise noted.