Jazz Age Cthulhu

Jazz Age Cthulhu is about to hit the pavement both in pulpy flesh editions and effervescent e-format. It’s an honor to be in this work with Orrin Grey  and Jennifer Brozek. My piece, Pomptinia Sum, is set on the Italian island of Pomptinia where the encroaching fascism hasn’t found a foothold.  A conman without a past finds the the tourist island ripe for the picking, but  as he charms and steals from the wealthy foreigners he discovers no one on the island is what they seem, not even himself.

2 thoughts on “Jazz Age Cthulhu

  1. Hi Avery, I wanted to write in and compliment you on “Pomptinia Sum”. It’s a very effecting, chilling story!

    One question I did have: In your view, what exactly was Leiano? As I read it he most likely seems to be a necromantically-reanimated corpse of indeterminate age, but in some parts he sounds…inhuman (such as when he drinks his espresso with an “appendage” in one of his flashbacks). Could he be a revived, younger version or spawn of Typhon/the thing underlying all of Pomptinia?

    1. Thanks for reading, Brian! I don’t like to steer interpretations of my work, death of the author and all that, but I will say that you are on the right track to thinking about Lieano the way I did when you think of him as a thing like Typhon

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