A Barbarian Reads Greek

Here I attempt to read the Iliad in Greek without any training in the language. (Okay, I know the alphabet.) I read Latin and Norwegian. Swedish and Danish come for free with Norwegian–Bonus! I once could read a smattering of other languages–I’m looking at you Anglo Saxon, Old Norse, and German. The goal is to see if I can work through Iliad I on my own without studying Greek first, just by looking things up as I go.

The Tools: 1) Perseus  2) Attikos for Ipad 3) Iliad book1 Notes and Vocabulary by P.A. Draper 4) for reference:  Beetham’s Beginning Greek with Homer and Paula Debnar’s excellent edition of Pharr’s Homeric Greek-a book for beginners  4) Input from the educated hoipolloi 5) If I must–a translation.

The Greek text will be  from Attikos and Perseus, unless otherwise noted.